Twas a night at the Winspear, when through Front of House
every creature was stirring, even your work spouse.
The patrons were tucked in the loges with care
in hopes that the conductor would soon be there.

The ushers were all waiting outside of their steads
for Production to give a nod of their heads
the tenders of bar and those at the door
heard the familiar bell- only five minutes more!

When out in the lobby there arose such a clatter
Trevor ran with his coffee to see what was the matter
away to Desserts he flew like a flash
to see what in the world was the crash.

The lights on Dress giving off their glow
gave the lustre of mid-day to the objects below
when what to my wondering eyes should appear
late-comers of course, to the Viewing Room my dear!

With a little door poker, so lively and bonnie
I knew in a moment it must be that Connie
more rapid than eagles her coursers came
she whistled and shouted and called staff by name.

Now Main! Now Desserts! Now Coffee and Martini!
On Upper! On Dress! On Alley Kat and Bellini!
Over to the Coatcheck, to the top of the wall
Pre-orders! Pre-orders! Pre-orders for all!

Then with a beep before the drinks were arranged
Zillur on the radio, “Can you please come get change”
as they drew in their bills and were turning around
Upper Bar came down the elevator with a bound.

Their eyes how they twinkled, their dimples how merry
their cheeks were like roses, their nose like a cherry
over to Martini they sold nine white wines
to be served chilled on Upper, hope you make it in time!

The supervisors split up, all the stations checked twice
making sure that the scotches were neat, pressed, or on ice
over to Founders tidying the drinks in a row
don’t worry about the pink slips, the donors will know.

Everyone to their stations and Patron Development in heels
we listen to the last piece and it gives us the feels
Stacy on the radio says something truly sublime
Merry Christmas to all, intermission is on time!!


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