Ode To Tea

A cup of tea is the most wonderful thing
a smile to my face it will always bring.
Whether you like it with sugar or with milk
delicious hot water as smooth as French silk.
You have rooibos, white and you have green
all with a different amount of caffeine!
Herbal or oolong or maybe some chai
black tea, mate or matcha oh my!
Give me a cup or a pot or a mug
this life essence then I will chug.
You can enjoy it with a book or a movie
with breakfast or lunch it will still be groovy.
Have it as a tea latte or as a London Fog
it will give you the energy to go for a jog.
Steep your black tea a little longer
with a shot of agave to make you feel stronger!
But be sure to switch to herbal after dinner is ate
so you will not be awake in to the night so late.
Which is not as bad as it sounds like it could be
it would give you more time for another cup of tea!




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