I want to take the most beautiful and
expensive words in the dictionary
and polish and buff them until they
shine like diamonds and sapphires and rubies
then I will thread them on to a silver chain
draping them gently over your throat while
you lift your hair and I clasp the necklace closed.

It will fall just past the gentle lines of your collarbone
and you’ll wear it on the nights when we go out-
heads will turn to watch you dressed in black and
decorated with ornaments of poetry
I’ll say ‘let them stare, they can only help but wish
that they had how much someone loved them
written on their body.’

You will dance and the light will catch the cursive
trailing train of silver dipped synonyms of beauty
and you will wear the words and be the words
but if you find that there are days
when you do not wish to be any of these things
you can take the chain from around your neck
and you will still be everything to me.







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