Again it’s late at night and
I’m walking through this town
and I don’t mind being soaked
by the rain that’s pouring down.
I stay still for a few minutes
and lift my forehead to the rains
lulled by the hypnotic gurgle
of the sewers and the drains.
The water runs in rivers
down my face and I feel clean
like I am being washed
of the people I have been.
In my rebirthed ecstasy
and the smell of earthy loam
I wish I had a North Star
to gently guide me home.
The street lamps reflect light
off the nearby rain soaked petals
and tonight they shine for me
like iridescent precious metals.
Under the overcast black sky
in the moments that I took
I learned you could always find stars
as long as you knew where to look.
Just know that you are never
as lost as you seem to be
sometimes it takes rain and darkness
to finally be able to see.



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