Ocean Sounds

Walking on the beach
your toes shifting in sand
a polished skipping stone
cupped in your hand
but you will pick up a shell instead
and press it to your ear
(and I don’t need to tell you
what you’re going to hear)
it’s the sound you have missed
for years and sometimes more
of my tumultuous waves breaking
upon your rocky shore;
though for now we may pretend
that our feelings don’t preside
you will always be my moon
and I will always be your tide.



Lovers Of An Era

When I first saw you I understood
reincarnation for the first time-
it was as if we had seen each other
at the beginning of time and then
spent every moment trying to
get back to one another.

I felt as though I had lived
upwards of a million lives
and died close to a million deaths
waiting for the day when our
eyes would meet again.

How is it that I had never seen
you before in this lifetime
yet I felt as though our souls
had been together when the
Universe came into existence?

I smiled and took your hand because
there was no way I could spend another
rotation of the planet exhaling words
that weren’t your name and looking into
eyes that did not know the history of us.