The Choices Of Our Youth

We said it was carpe diem
but really we were just
your average warmongers;
we took what we wanted
when it suited us and
did not think twice about
the bridges we incinerated
along the way.
The cost of every victory
from the battles of our youth
lie in the faces of people
we no longer know
in the ways we were certain
we always would.



Pretty Little Dolls In a Row

You are in a room that is
too small and the walls are
expanding and contracting
with your lungs breathing-
porcelain dolls line the room
with their painted smiles
frozen but their marble eyes
follow your every move
as your heart beats
against broken glass.
The dollmaker is adding
you to the collection and
before you realize it
it feels like very breath
you pull is thick cotton and
behind your acrylic facade
is the ebb and flow of panic
covered with a smile.