Take A Number to Speak to the Dead

They asked me to indicate
why I needed his records
so in neat printing and
black ink I wrote that  he
left the world worse than
he found it and if there
was one goddamn thing
he owed me it was the
truth about how he died.



Unsolicited Advice

My advice is never
apologize for surviving
and don’t ever look back
when you could be
looking forward.
And if I could take
my own advice I think I
would be a lot happier

Admiration and Aviation

Tell them that you
love their idiosyncrasies
before it is too late
because the ones with
the heaviest regrets
are not the ones who
spoke their love and lost
but those who failed to
set their words to flight
and must wonder forever
if they could have flown.


Ain’t No Rest

The dead we buried
were not satisfied
being ghosts and I
felt sure I would see
a skeleton hand pierce
through the dirt
atop the frozen ground
and wrap fingers around
my beating heart to take
what they were cheated.


Swim At Your Own Risk

Sometimes I get pulled
away by the tide of
thinking about you.

My tea grows cold in
the cup and I hardly
notice that afternoon
has turned into
the rose gold blush of sunset.

I find my feet and arms
treading water while I
wonder if it is not too late
to swim for shore.


Rainy Day Refreshment

Perfection is a
fine and rainy day
when the fog rolls
over cresting ocean
waves like a blanket
and the coming storm
sends surges of fresh
Pacific air inland
to be felt against
flushed cheeks and
dampened foreheads
and leaves a nautical
craving on your tongue.