Moon Child

We fell in and out of love
while the dying sun
burned complacent in
the violet summer sky.

We held our breath
as it began to set-
elegant and tragic in
its final waning breath.

The world was dark but new
and we were not afraid
instead of mourning we
became children of the moon.



I’m Sorry.

If you want to be happy
please stay away from me
at all costs.

Do not put your heart in
my hands because I have
never learned to be gentle.

Both in the way that I love
and in the way that I leave
I always end up breaking something.


Have You Ever Felt Like This?

Periodically I look in the
mirror and I do not recognize
my face or my features and
I wish I could unzip my
skin and live outside the
body like Arthur C Clarke’s
star child or Vonnegut’s
happily amphibious future-
everything that I am has nothing
to do with the form I’m
currently being housed in
and sometimes it scares me.



They say that time and space
can heal everything
so I bought a train ticket
for my broken heart and
set it loose to see the world.

The hurt began to ebb
as I watched the last train car
fade into the distance and
from time to time I will
get postcards from my heart-
it never stays anywhere for long.

It goes where it wants
when it wants and I
was never very good at letting go
so I am very happy to know
that it is doing so well on its own.


Warning: Fragile.

I put my hand on my chest
and I knew without looking
that my heart was broken.

I could feel the shards
rattling against my ribs
and piercing my lungs.

I coughed up your last words
bloody and shining diamonds
into the palm of my hand.

How could something that had
seemed so beautiful be
wreaking havoc on my soul?

I guess you could argue that
having a heart made of glass
was not a good idea after all.


An Ode To Wine

Cupid tried to get me-
aiming for my head
but he missed by a few inches
and uncorked my wine instead!
Therefore Cupid succeeded
in sending me a love divine
though I doubt that he intended
for it to be the tannins of red wine.
However now we are so happy
sharing sunsets and long sips
and this soulmate is not offended
if I sample others on long trips.
After working late into the night
red wine waits up for me
one quick glass in the moonlight
and from the stress I’m free.
It doesn’t notice if I miss the gym
or my jeans are a touch too snug
and it has no pretensions
about being drunk out of a mug.
When it comes to wine
I make fair and few demands too
except of course being that
only red will do!
Malbec, Merlot, Shiraz and Syrah
I love ’em and I know ’em
that is why to red wine
I dedicate this poem!