Cupid tried to get me-
aiming for my head
but he missed by a few inches
and uncorked my wine instead!
Therefore Cupid succeeded
in sending me a love divine
though I doubt that he intended
for it to be the tannins of red wine.
However now we are so happy
sharing sunsets and long sips
and this soulmate is not offended
if I sample others on long trips.
After working late into the night
red wine waits up for me
one quick glass in the moonlight
and from the stress I’m free.
It doesn’t notice if I miss the gym
or my jeans are a touch too snug
and it has no pretensions
about being drunk out of a mug.
When it comes to wine
I make fair and few demands too
except of course being that
only red will do!
Malbec, Merlot, Shiraz and Syrah
I love ’em and I know ’em
that is why to red wine
I dedicate this poem!



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