Making peace with the ashes.

You once asked me what I held
in the marrow of my bones
and I replied that it was a fire
that raged against ancient thrones
for my body has waged battle
since the dawning light of time;
the scars I wear are a tapestry
of the mountains I have had to climb.
There is something inside me that
causes the flame to spark and ignite
and it burns through me completely
until I cannot ignore the fight
so I cross my sword against sword
raze cities and kick down doors
I tend to my cuts and my bruises
and prepare for the coming wars.
To those who do not know my chains
who have not had to fight for much
my love can seem equally combustible
for some too hot to the touch-
but whether it is about loving or living
I do not fear defeat anymore
the deadliest foe I could ever face
is a world with nothing left to fight for.
So if you are someone I lost
by not choosing apathy over clashes
then I will do what I do best
and remain to make peace with the ashes.