Your skin against mine
as we lie together in bed
warm and plainly sweet
like the rising, baking bread.

I am thankful to realize a
happy moment whilst still in it
and lounge in the luxury
purely content for a minute.

Although I want to savour this
and try my very best
my eyelids find each other
at the daylight’s hasty recess.

Sleep pulls me from the moment
the gentle breathing of my lung
how lucky I am to fall asleep with
the taste of fresh bread on my tongue.


Oh, right.

Sometimes I indulge myself
for a mere wisp of a second
thinking that we could have
been happy together before I
remember that we were too
predictably inconsistent
to be anything but a tragedy.


Reluctant Conqueror

Yes, there are blood stains on my hands
but I wish the history books understood
that I had not meant to start a war-
my nails were sharper than I knew
and my strength greater than expected
truly, truly it was not my intention
to draw first blood and lay siege
but when backed into a corner
anyone can become a warrior, a leader
and though I left the world in ashes
I doubt you would have done differently.

It was not valour, it was survival.


Come on now.

Those people with
sticky, syrupy
overly saccharine like
artificial sweetener,
I do not like you.
You are trying to
feed me sugar but it’s
forced down like cyanide.
Give me your dark chocolate
we all have a little


Run Away With Me

Put your ear to the rails
just to hear it buzz
a train is coming
and always was-
it won’t stop here
nor will it wait
so pack your bags
do not be late
we’ll run alongside and
hitch a ride my dear
it will take us
somewhere far from here
we’ll only look forward
and never back
our past will be
just a set of tracks.



We were infatuated
falling in love as if
we were on a carousel;
fine as long as we kept
our eyes on each other
and ignoring that
everything else had spun
into a blurry chaos.

Our ticket was only good
for a couple of turns
and the ride was over
before either of us was ready.
We parted ways with a kiss
smiling sadly at the laughing lovers
still waiting in line to
experience the high price of dizziness.



You could tell that she used to be water.

It was in the way that she moved or
laughed and you knew without a doubt
that in another life not so long ago
she used to be the waves in the ocean
or at the very least the perfect orbs
of dew on blooming dahlias in the
gentle hazy glow of the rising sun.

You knew it in the way that everyone
would change and grow in her presence
that she was used to being part of a cycle-
of something bigger and grander than
anyone could give her here and it
was not hard to tell how much she
loved you but it was only a matter of time
before she was needed somewhere else more.

She was fluid and she was free.


A Conversation With Death

I went to visit Death at
the dive bar where he
bartended part-time to
ask him to spare you.

He and I had travelled
in the same circles so often
we could be loosely defined
as kind of a friend-of-a-friend.

I sat and ordered two fingers
of whiskey over and ice and
offered to sell him my soul
if it would keep you safe.

He laughed and told me
that a soul like mine
would not cover even the cost
of the drink I had ordered.

But he did let it slip
that you would not meet him
until much, much later
according to the Fates.

As I left the dingy tavern with
Death’s whiskey on my lips
his voice followed me out the door
‘I’ll be seeing you…’