Treachery In The Evening

We are the ones who
fall asleep with our pens
still in our hands and
papers all around us
trying to scribble
a few worthy words
(a meagre offering to
the late-night gods of prose)
before sleep consumes us
and our transcendent ideas
become lost like pennies
tossed into the well
of unfulfilled wishes.




They say that time and space
can heal everything
so I bought a train ticket
for my broken heart and
set it loose to see the world.

The hurt began to ebb
as I watched the last train car
fade into the distance and
from time to time I will
get postcards from my heart-
it never stays anywhere for long.

It goes where it wants
when it wants and I
was never very good at letting go
so I am very happy to know
that it is doing so well on its own.



While watching you I couldn’t help
but be reminded of a nature
documentary in which the jaguar
stalks its guileless victim.

The way your eyes followed me
trying to determine the least
amount of movements it would take
until your satisfaction of the kill.

But little does the hunter know
that I am a lion in sheep’s clothing
and it is always the lion that
enjoys the rule of the feline pride.



I Don’t Know If I Can Miss You, But I’ll Remember You

Whispered voices try to comfort me
and I say that I am doing fine-
I do not know how to miss
something that was never mine.
We were both forces of nature
on opposing sides most days
a chess board just for us of
attacking and counterattacking plays.
I can remember both the good and the bad
and find sleep with ease tonight
without having to wonder if
the decisions I made were right.
You and I were veterans of funerals
and you were ready to take your turn
but I’m still here with a whisky neat
thinking of you while I enjoy the burn.
I will wear a black dress once again
but without your hand to hold
amongst the tombstones I will know
it is a privilege to grow old.


Those Kind of Nights

We skidded into the
early morning with
our hazards on and
bald tires from
driving on two wheels.

I exhaled for the first
time all night and said
Higher Power, you better
be paying my guardian angel
overtime for last night.


Cap ou pas cap?

I will take you to a cliff
and tell you that being
with me means a lot of
leaping without looking
and trusting that
everything will work out.

You can choose to take
my hand and jump because
no reward comes without a
little risk; whether you
stay on the edge or leap
I am leaving solid ground


I am not pretty like the girls
that are champagne and roses-
I tend to favour the company
of whiskey and dahlias and
lipstick darker than my blood.
Ink on the tips of my fingers
has become my manicure of choice
and I wear more black than
a nun at night, but consider this:
maybe my sense of beauty
comes from the lack thereof.

Please do not be afraid
to sacrifice what others call beauty
in order to be who you are.



When your heart has been
kept in a cage for so long
and the prison guard
finally sets it free
it will hurt and ache
around the edges until you
realize it isn’t heartbreak
it’s you regrowing your wings.