Lighthouse Melodrama

I told you that if
you were to die before me
I would become a
lighthouse operator on
some desolate shore
with my typewriter
tapping out novels and
poetry while a
tugboat delivered my
food and letters
twice a week.

You replied that it was
just like me to
romanticize the fear
that grips my heart
and to be plotting
my escape already
but that I would not
survive with such an
absence of attention.

I do not think you
understand how much
I like you or
how little I like people
who aren’t you.




Your skin against mine
as we lie together in bed
warm and plainly sweet
like the rising, baking bread.

I am thankful to realize a
happy moment whilst still in it
and lounge in the luxury
purely content for a minute.

Although I want to savour this
and try my very best
my eyelids find each other
at the daylight’s hasty recess.

Sleep pulls me from the moment
the gentle breathing of my lung
how lucky I am to fall asleep with
the taste of fresh bread on my tongue.


Oh, right.

Sometimes I indulge myself
for a mere wisp of a second
thinking that we could have
been happy together before I
remember that we were too
predictably inconsistent
to be anything but a tragedy.


Run Away With Me

Put your ear to the rails
just to hear it buzz
a train is coming
and always was-
it won’t stop here
nor will it wait
so pack your bags
do not be late
we’ll run alongside and
hitch a ride my dear
it will take us
somewhere far from here
we’ll only look forward
and never back
our past will be
just a set of tracks.



Some people think the most important
thing to say and mean is
I love you
but I think something that conveys
so much more is
I’ll be there.
I’ll be there when the dark skies roll in
both in the happiness of evening and
for the tremors that grip you
in the late night hours.
I’ll be there when I love you beyond comprehension
and even when I do not like you very much.
I’ll be there when you’re on top of the world
and by your side when you hit rock bottom.
In celebration or in misery
you will never have to be alone again.




We were infatuated
falling in love as if
we were on a carousel;
fine as long as we kept
our eyes on each other
and ignoring that
everything else had spun
into a blurry chaos.

Our ticket was only good
for a couple of turns
and the ride was over
before either of us was ready.
We parted ways with a kiss
smiling sadly at the laughing lovers
still waiting in line to
experience the high price of dizziness.



They say that time and space
can heal everything
so I bought a train ticket
for my broken heart and
set it loose to see the world.

The hurt began to ebb
as I watched the last train car
fade into the distance and
from time to time I will
get postcards from my heart-
it never stays anywhere for long.

It goes where it wants
when it wants and I
was never very good at letting go
so I am very happy to know
that it is doing so well on its own.