With a heart upon my sleeve.


I love hard and hurt deeply;
Sometimes I have to write my mind
On a paper and burn it
To avoid bleeding to death




Ocean Child

My heart is an iron anchor
saltwater runs in my veins
and I would sell my soul to
Poseidon for an eternity of
sunsets on the ocean because
there will not come a day
that I don’t love the waves.


Those Kind of Nights

We skidded into the
early morning with
our hazards on and
bald tires from
driving on two wheels.

I exhaled for the first
time all night and said
Higher Power, you better
be paying my guardian angel
overtime for last night.



When your heart has been
kept in a cage for so long
and the prison guard
finally sets it free
it will hurt and ache
around the edges until you
realize it isn’t heartbreak
it’s you regrowing your wings.