Those Kind of Nights

We skidded into the
early morning with
our hazards on and
bald tires from
driving on two wheels.

I exhaled for the first
time all night and said
Higher Power, you better
be paying my guardian angel
overtime for last night.



When your heart has been
kept in a cage for so long
and the prison guard
finally sets it free
it will hurt and ache
around the edges until you
realize it isn’t heartbreak
it’s you regrowing your wings.


Swim At Your Own Risk

Sometimes I get pulled
away by the tide of
thinking about you.

My tea grows cold in
the cup and I hardly
notice that afternoon
has turned into
the rose gold blush of sunset.

I find my feet and arms
treading water while I
wonder if it is not too late
to swim for shore.


Forgotten Not Forgiven

We sat around the table
to talk of ghosts long dead
and as we spoke our breath
disturbed the layer of dust
that had settled on our memories
clearing transparent patches
that we delved deeply into
not realizing that the grime
was a reminder that the past
should sometimes be left untouched.