Ocean Child

My heart is an iron anchor
saltwater runs in my veins
and I would sell my soul to
Poseidon for an eternity of
sunsets on the ocean because
there will not come a day
that I don’t love the waves.



Sea Worthy

Home may be where most hearts are
but mine is an iron anchor
travelling the world affixed to myself
providing me the luxury
to render home where I want it to be
and that even if I choose to leave
it will keep me steady while I stay.


I’m Sorry.

If you want to be happy
please stay away from me
at all costs.

Do not put your heart in
my hands because I have
never learned to be gentle.

Both in the way that I love
and in the way that I leave
I always end up breaking something.


Firearms Safety

He was sleek and beautiful
like a loaded gun
and as such he was only
dangerous when someone
pulled the trigger.

But darling give
your pretty head a shake
someone will always
pull the fucking trigger
a loaded weapon is not love.